Introductory Workshop on Zen

  • Endless Path Zendo

Introductory Workshops, conducted by Sensei Rafe Martin, are a practical and authentic introduction to Zen Buddhism. During the half-day schedule of talks, question periods, demonstrations and guided meditation, participants are introduced to the body-mind disciplines of Zen Buddhism. Endless Path Zendo offers authentic Zen practice in which creativity, daily life, and meditation come together. Non-institutional, non-monastic Zen practice is intimate and community-based. In it we touch common ground to realize the place we now stand with jobs, family, and our everyday life, is the very realm we seek.Sensei Martin begins the workshop with an introductory talk about the life of the Buddha and the main principles of Zen. The day includes discussions and question-and-answer periods.


  • What is Lay Zen Buddhist practice?
  • How to do Zen meditation
  • Integrating Buddhist meditation into your life
  • Working with a teacher
  • Joining a Zen community


Open to all people 18 and over (under 18 if accompanied by a parent or older friend and with parental consent). As space is limited, reservations must be made in advance, including payment in full. When cancellations are made less than one week before the workshop, the contribution may be used for a subsequent workshop, but cannot be refunded. Assume you are accepted unless you hear to the contrary.

What to Wear

Loose-fitting clothing is ideal. Skirts should be both long and full enough to sit with the legs crossed; pants should be quite loose. Best not to wear jeans. Please do not wear shorts or sleeveless shirts.