Introductory Workshop on Zen

  • Endless Path Zendo

If you've ever been interested in finding out about Zen, this workshop is for you! Roshi Rafe Martin will give a talk at the Penfield Library to help us understand what Zen is (and even what it's not). He'll show attendees how to do Zen meditation (zazen) and, after a short period of meditation together, answer questions.


  • What is Zen?
  • How to do Zen meditation
  • Integrating Buddhist meditation into your life


Open to all people 18 and over (under 18 if accompanied by a parent or older friend and with parental consent). As space is limited, reservations must be made in advance. Register here.

What to Wear

Loose-fitting clothing is ideal. Skirts should be both long and full enough to sit with the legs crossed; pants should be quite loose. Best not to wear jeans.